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The docufilm Centootto (produced by Fai Cisl and Confronti Kino), tells the story of the seizure of the fishing boat Medinea, which took place off the coast of Libya and lasted one hundred and eight days, from the point of view of some members of the crew and those who, ashore, worked for their return.

A film by Giuseppe Bellasalma, Michele Lipori, Claudio Paravati
Inspired by an idea from Onofrio Rota
Produced by Fai Cisl – Confronti Kino


On the far western shores of Sicily, separated from Tunisia by just under two hundred kilometers, Mazara del Vallo is a town historically, inextricably linked to fishing. Although no longer enjoying the glory of the “golden years,” the fishing community continues its hunt for red shrimp in the deep seabeds of the Mediterranean Sea, close to the Libyan, Tunisian, Cypriot and Turkish coasts. Each fishing trip lasts about 40 days, punctuated by a few days of rest on the mainland, when many families and loved ones come together to celebrate these quieter moments. But this routine is upset by a shocking event: on September 1st, 2020 the crew of two fishing boats, carrying 18 people in total, are hijacked off the coast of Libya and held in the stronghold of General Khalifa Haftar. They would eventually be released on December 17, 2020, after 108 days of imprisonment.

“Centootto” (One Hundred and Eight) recounts this story by members of the crew of the Medinea, one of the two vessels seized, touching also upon the experiences of those onshore who waited and worked to make it possible for their loved ones to return. “Centootto” is the story of Marco, Piero, M’hammad (called Franco), Onofrio (called Nuccio), Rosetta, Rosaria, Naoires and Monica.
Centootto is the story of a community that resists.

Cast & Crew

  • Title: Centootto (One Hundred and Eight)
  • Language: Italian
  • Country: Italy
  • Year: 2021
  • Duration:50 min.
  • Genre: Docufilm

A Fai Cisl / ConfrontiKino Production
Inspired by an idea from: Onofrio Rota
Directed by: Giuseppe Bellasalma, Michele Lipori, Claudio Paravati
Director of Photography: Ilyà Sapeha
Editing: Isabella Guglielmi
Sound Engineer: Marco Aruta
Assistant Camera Operator: Luca Annaratone
Assistant Director: Valeria Brucoli
Media Data Manager: Chiara Di Giorgio
Production: Fai Cisl, ConfrontiKino
Production Managers: Rossano Colagrossi (Fai Cisl), Ludovico Ferro (Fai Cisl), Stefania Sarallo (Confronti Kino)
Color Correction: Andrea Maguolo
Video Post-Production: Magui Studio
Audio Post-Production: Martina Carluccio Focal Rhythm Sound
Music: “Time Melts” (Carlo Cristiani) Focal Rhythm Sound
Graphic Design: Sara Turolla
Graphics: Tiziana Poli
Translations: Lucio Majelli, Shady Ramadan
Subtitles: Luca Persiani
Featuring: M’hamed “Franco” Ben Haddada, Naoires Ben Haddada, Monica Giacalone, Onofrio “Nuccio” Giacalone, Rosaria Giacalone, Rosetta Ingargiola, Marco Marrone, Pietro “Piero” Marrone, Salvatore Quinci



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